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Buy kitten mainecoon colored by Черный дым с белым ns 09 in town Moscow



Любимцы | Разведение 40000₽ | 50000₽

За пределы России

Любимцы: 60000₽ | 950$ | 850€

Разведение: 65000₽ | 1030$ | 920€

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Moscow. Ready to move the biggest in the litter, kitty with thick legs and a beautiful coat boy Maine Coon (MCOns?09), litter "S". Born from titled parents. Only goes in a tray, nature loving, playful ball on the legs, silent. Carries his balls in his mouth, loves to eat (especially at night) to sleep and play. Love to meet other animals. Will help you with the housework, to be involved and stick your nose everywhere do not even ask. Full package of documents: contract, vet passport with marks of vaccination, metric (family tree, if breeding).

Color: Черный дым с белым ns 09

Date of birth: Jan. 12, 2019

Town: Moscow


About parents


Parents are Champions, stanadrt WCF: father:I. Ch.Maxpride Kurt Colour: Black smoke MCO ns mother: Ch.Favorite Friends Cleopatra Colour: Black and white - MCO n09 Tests for HCM - N/N, FIV - N/n



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